If u like this I would head to this link to pick up the free album. It knocks front to back……. Go make babies. Enjoi.


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Billie Jean

June 25, 2010

MJ died a year ago today. Aloe Blacc & The Grand Scheme remembers him with their rendition of Billie Jean.  Dig it. Enjoi.

Mayer for San Francisco

April 10, 2010

So sit back, light what ever you smoke, and just chill to this one. I love the contrast in visuals with music. Plus Mayer Hawthorne done did this tune right. Enjoi.

Been a bit busy lately, but here is what I am neck bouncing too right now!! The Roots covering Dilla joints. Enjoi

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Rain Down

March 2, 2010

Here is the official video of “I wish it would rain” from Mayer Hawthorne. I also threw in the old version with the vinyl. I like both and now so shall you. Enjoi.

Yah, I know I said I would be on my game with it. Sorry, I’m bullshitin’. Here is a nice bit to bump as an apology. New track off of U-N-I’s new one ft. Miguel. Enjoi.

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Window Seat

February 7, 2010

So yeah I know it’s been a few days. Busy shit going on. Anyways, I’m catching up today. Here is another from Badu.

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Another Sade Post

January 30, 2010

It’s more of the most beautiful woman in music. Feb. 9th is getting closer. Enjoi.

Baby Father

Bring Me Home

Be That Easy

Long Hard Road

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1 of 10

January 29, 2010

First crack at it is soon to be jailed Lil’ Wayne. This is Erykah Badu‘s new single from her up coming album New Amerkah PT.2 : Return of the Ankh. There will be 10 different versions of this floating around soon. Word is JayElec way be on one of them…. The unicorn of Hip Hop 3stacks may even be on one… we’ll see. Enjoi.

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