Mansions on the Moon

April 28, 2010

New Video from the group Mansions on the Moon. I really like their vibes. Plus Diplo and DJ Benzi are producing it so it can’t be that bad for ya. The first one is “she makes me feel” the second one is “Magic”


WTF? is this??

November 10, 2009

So today I was looking at different blogs, you know doing my thang, thang, ripping off good decent music, and I thought to myself why don’t I start a good hip hop blog with relevant shit that I would want to read. So Noises in the Machine was born. I started it with the intention of sharing what is important to me, good, classic, and progressive music and inspiration etc.. And occasionally a few rants, after all this is my blog. bitches. Meat paw the site (it’s a work in progress) and let me know whatcha think. Or don’t. Fuck it – who cares.

Lokei Atikus