Love me some tribe….enjoi


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Find A Way

April 22, 2010

You know I have to stay on my Dilla shit somehow, and of course leave it to Stones Throw’s Aloe Blacc to make it happen. Enjoi.

Whores: The Movie

April 22, 2010

Looks like El-P is back on his grizzly. Brilliant productions at work here peoples. Enjoi.

Touch Me Hear

This time with a whole new album The Story Teller. I love this whole character mystery thing with him. Awesome music!! Enjoi. …and you didn’t get this from me…..

Touch Me Hear

The Guady Side of Town

April 13, 2010

[Vimeo 10338405]

So this is a group my buddy B! showed to me. The video preview is exactly what I envision when I listen to this on repeat. Can’t wait for the full album and video. Until then take your pants off and windmill to this one. Or have sex with a women. Your choice. Enjoi.

Gayngs – The Gaudy Side Of Town by lokei aitkus