If u like this I would head to this link to pick up the free album. It knocks front to back……. Go make babies. Enjoi.


cARTER – Elevator Rap

July 22, 2010

[Vimeo 13499282]

The Green Beat Tape

June 10, 2010

So my long time friend Orion and his partner in crime Jah Born just put this dope ass beat tape out with DJ Big Texas on the 1’s & 2’s entitled  – The Green Beat Tape –  Do yourself a favor and follow the cover on this one….  Peep the song titles….. a very nice touch. Real Hip Hop from Dallas!!!  Enjoi.

Touch Me Hear

Brother Ali drops another dope lyrical for you to learn to. Seriously, this guy should teach a class on rhyming to half of Hip Hop right now. Word on the street is this song is for a Muslim festival going on in Chi-City this month, and the beat was submitted via the fans. Now that’s what I’m talking bout!! Enjoi.

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Glory Box

May 21, 2010

Well, I didn’t see this one coming when I first opened the file. Easily two of my favorite songs mashed together and shit, I’ll be damned if it don’t sound smooth. Anyway, look out for Nikki Lynette, if she keeps throwing them out like this, you may find her becoming a house hold name. Oh yeah, did I say Mikey Factz is on the track as well?? Enjoi.

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Muddy Swim Trunks

May 15, 2010

Asher really shows why he belongs in this Rap Hustle of music. Dude’s flow is sic-witted on this one, plus dudes on that old Pacewon beat. You either bring it on that one or you don’t and we point and laugh. No giggles or fingers here. Go get his newest mixtape for this one (touch me hear). Enjoi.


April 4, 2010

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Just push play and enjoi what I give you. management.

Flatbush Exhibit C

March 4, 2010

Peep the remix of Exhibit C from DJ Ted Smooth. I like the way he recycled this beat, very good catch. Enjoi.

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Harry Blotter Mixx

February 23, 2010

So turn your Skull Candies up and melt your face. DJ H.O.P. (Hooked on Phonos) of Bossasaurus provides the wax and flame. Enjoi.

Harry Blotter MiXX by Dj H.O.P. (Hooked on Phonos) by AlwaysHustle

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Exhibit DEAD

January 24, 2010

Mac Lethal remixing JayElec’s “Exhibit C /A” beat and a few more. Dude blacked out on this one. By far the best rap over I have heard yet for “Exhibit C”. Enjoi.

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