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Gawd’ damn if this ain’t some smooth-out shit. Enjoi.

Matt Reeves – Hello [Video]

September 23, 2010

Check out Staten Island new-comer Matt Reeves. The realest shit I’ve heard in a good deal of time. We need more emcees like this.

cARTER – Elevator Rap

July 22, 2010

[Vimeo 13499282]

Billie Jean

June 25, 2010

MJ died a year ago today. Aloe Blacc & The Grand Scheme remembers him with their rendition of Billie Jean.  Dig it. Enjoi.

By now you should know two things, I stay on my Dilla shit, and I love me some Slum Village. Here is the new single from the new Villa Manifesto LP coming out at the end of the month. Go buy it, yeah I said buy it. It’s Dilla… Support. Enjoi.

Touch Me Hear

Herfra Hvor Vi Star

May 17, 2010

Sit back and enjoi this live one from Quadron. Blaze material here peoples!!!

Find A Way

April 22, 2010

You know I have to stay on my Dilla shit somehow, and of course leave it to Stones Throw’s Aloe Blacc to make it happen. Enjoi.

Mayer for San Francisco

April 10, 2010

So sit back, light what ever you smoke, and just chill to this one. I love the contrast in visuals with music. Plus Mayer Hawthorne done did this tune right. Enjoi.

Rain Down

March 2, 2010

Here is the official video of “I wish it would rain” from Mayer Hawthorne. I also threw in the old version with the vinyl. I like both and now so shall you. Enjoi.