Beautiful, absolutely beautiful….. I need more hip hop videos like this.


The Weeknd – Initiation

October 8, 2011

Explosions are going to happen……

This guy can’t fuck up right now….. enjoi

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Drake – Trust Issues

June 21, 2011

Another one for my down-low peeps…. ovoxoenjoi

Download via Megaupload

If u like this I would head to this link to pick up the free album. It knocks front to back……. Go make babies. Enjoi.

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There is not a lot that Mikey is touching that I am not liking… Enjoi.

Gawd’ damn if this ain’t some smooth-out shit. Enjoi.

The Guady Side of Town

April 13, 2010

[Vimeo 10338405]

So this is a group my buddy B! showed to me. The video preview is exactly what I envision when I listen to this on repeat. Can’t wait for the full album and video. Until then take your pants off and windmill to this one. Or have sex with a women. Your choice. Enjoi.

Gayngs – The Gaudy Side Of Town by lokei aitkus

Rain Down

March 2, 2010

Here is the official video of “I wish it would rain” from Mayer Hawthorne. I also threw in the old version with the vinyl. I like both and now so shall you. Enjoi.