Making Exhibit A

July 7, 2010

You see that machine Just Blaze is on? If you don’t know what that machine is then you need to leave the blog…. Now!!!!  Enjoi.


The Green Beat Tape

June 10, 2010

So my long time friend Orion and his partner in crime Jah Born just put this dope ass beat tape out with DJ Big Texas on the 1’s & 2’s entitled  – The Green Beat Tape –  Do yourself a favor and follow the cover on this one….  Peep the song titles….. a very nice touch. Real Hip Hop from Dallas!!!  Enjoi.

Touch Me Hear

Stussy/Dilla #2

February 23, 2010

Another piece of the Dilla-Stussy Documentary. Good shit for Dilla month.

MPC & Keys

February 7, 2010

I hope you have speakers. Cuz, if I were you I would turn this one up and vibe out, or whateva you do on a Sunday morning. This is Hip Hop beautifully done by Exile & Teeko before a show in SF. Enjoi.

Objektiv One

January 26, 2010

See the picture above with the moniker of this place?? Yeah that’s what Hip Hop is about. This is just a reminder of that. Enjoi.

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