Getcha in the S’purit!!

November 30, 2009

This has been a X-Mas banger since my longtime buddy used to put this in only when X-Mas here. That’s right once a year, only during this time may you play it. No banging this after the 31st. Enjoi.

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November 23, 2009

Now let’s really think about this. This guy is a great rapper, but he did kinda soiled his image with the whole Dilla production thing on his last mixtape/album/wateva. Now after being on hiatus from music and the web for almost 6 months, the self proclaimed “Best Blogger Alive” is back with a new mixtape/album/wateva entitled the Normalcy Project. Can the internet or Hip Hop for that matter forgive him and accept him back? Let’s think about this for a minute. Aside from all the usual Hip Hop beef he had with rappers.  Dude got punched in the face on camera…. by a chick (not that it matters), dude said J. Dilla was an executive producer of his last big mixtape/album/wateva after being deceased for sometime, and dude was just recently dropped by his big label – Interscope. That’s a triple whammy in the blogoshpere let alone Hip Hop!! Now I will remain quiet until Hami gives us his offering tomorrow, but I am afraid it’s too little too late…… Guess we will see. Peep the 1st leak below.


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Keys N Krates

November 20, 2009


Now this is real Hip Hop!! Choice cuts, live drums, and awesome arrangements from the keys. Download this and put on your headphones or get to a good system, cuz this shit knocks.



Stolen from Blind I For The Kids

Check Key N Krates

Wale Hits Only 28K.

November 20, 2009


I don’t want to be the guy that says I told ya so, but….. ah’em. I told ya so!! Don’t get me wrong I like we some Wale, not whale like my dumb-ass colleague would say, but what’s the draw?? His Mixtape About Nothing was a great banger last summer, no doubt, but since then it’s been hard to get back into him. To me a lot of his flow sounds the same on his choice of tracks. Let me demonstrate. Blah, blah, blah, My name Wale. Sounds familiar huh?? Anyway, I feel with a different choice of beats and a little more dexterity in his flow, and he probably would have gone further. That and you shouldn’t have ever, ever, have made that track with that piece of trash Gaga. I do like his work ethic though, dude has been on tour for like 2 years non-stop, with everyone and Jay-Z. That grass roots approach is the way it is done. Besides you don’t need record sales as solidification of what your doing is good. Right??    Right?

A new Blakroc track!!!!

November 17, 2009

This was a pretty nice thing to wake up to this morning. Another nice and chilled out new track from Blakroc ft. Mos Def – On The Vista. Is it me or is Mos Def and like maybe two other rappers (not Lil Wayne) the only ones who can pull it off?? I will say though Mos can sometimes be a Marty McFly with his shit, and be crazy on some other shit, leaving the audience like ,uhh??? I do love me some Mos though… Happy Tuesday Muthertruckers!!!!

Blakroc Ft. Mos Def – On The Vista

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Memories of the Wu.

November 15, 2009

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This is just hillarious!! I love listening to old Wu-Tang road stories, especially when Ghostface is involved. Seeing as Ghostface was pretty much legally insane at points in his life. I remember reading this about Killah’ eating ‘shrooms on the set of the video Triumph, then having to stay at the directors house where he later buries a bucket of KFC and thnking to myself how the hell is he so dope and this fucking crazy at times?? Don’t question the Wu I guess and just bask in the wisdom….. some Wu shit like that or something. Anyways look at Redman the whole time sitting there stoned out of his mind not saying a thing almost the entire interview, then he responds with a some straight stoner shit, classic Reggie Noble. Go get the last Red & Meth Album if you don’t have it. It bumps….hard. That new Ghostface is sick as well.

Anticipation is a bitch.

November 13, 2009


Not going to lie, this is by far the most anticipated album of the year for me!! First the Black Keys, then you throw on just about every rapper I like on it…….. shhhhiiiittt mane!!! Pretty good chance I will have it next week to throw up on this blog-a-ma-jiggy.




So I woke today to this in the in box. Sounds like he’s back…. maybe. You know the fuckery on mixtapes, so it’s a good chance this is just a left over verse from a junk track. Either way it’s sounds pretty good, like he doesn’t give a fuck. I believe I prefer my Kanye that way. Not shaken or stirred, just straight up.

Kanye West – I’m So Appalled (W. Tags)

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**Update** Looks as though the verse is not recycled and is a verse off Diddy’s next garbage album. For some reason this verse just got a lot less cooler with that notion.




A new Slum Village song is floating around the webs today. This one reminds me of the old SV so I’m definitely co-signing on this one. And if it is to be believed, the new digital only EP and later physical release LP both have all members including J. Dilla on it. I am hoping they were able to get some of Dilla’s beats on it as well….. well see about that.


Slum Village – Dope Man

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The God is back.

November 12, 2009


Very anticipated new album from Rakim here. Comes out Nov. 17th. Go support the God, he’s been away for a while.

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