Billie Jean

June 25, 2010

MJ died a year ago today. Aloe Blacc & The Grand Scheme remembers him with their rendition of Billie Jean.  Dig it. Enjoi.


The Music Scene

June 21, 2010

Try not to stare to much into the screen on this one…. You’ll TML. Enjoi.

This was rumored to have happened a few months ago on the blog-o-sphere….. looks like there is still a little truth on the internet. Don’t know if this one will be on Detox or not, but we shall see. Enjoi.

Product of

Touch Me Hear

The Green Beat Tape

June 10, 2010

So my long time friend Orion and his partner in crime Jah Born just put this dope ass beat tape out with DJ Big Texas on the 1’s & 2’s entitled  – The Green Beat Tape –  Do yourself a favor and follow the cover on this one….  Peep the song titles….. a very nice touch. Real Hip Hop from Dallas!!!  Enjoi.

Touch Me Hear

Brother Ali drops another dope lyrical for you to learn to. Seriously, this guy should teach a class on rhyming to half of Hip Hop right now. Word on the street is this song is for a Muslim festival going on in Chi-City this month, and the beat was submitted via the fans. Now that’s what I’m talking bout!! Enjoi.

Touch Me Hear

Finally, some visuals to this dope-ness. Go make a baby to this one. Enjoi.

By now you should know two things, I stay on my Dilla shit, and I love me some Slum Village. Here is the new single from the new Villa Manifesto LP coming out at the end of the month. Go buy it, yeah I said buy it. It’s Dilla… Support. Enjoi.

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