Doom In EyeWeekly

January 25, 2010

This a great read on the elusive MF Doom and the genuinely brilliant/crazy idea of the character. Enjoi.

“Before you even ask: no, I don’t know where he is, or how to get him on the phone. For all I know he’s in Rome, gettin’ dome from a well-known crack gnome. He doesn’t tell me a thing — I’m an actor, a stand-in, a flunky. Just another masked henchman, waiting on orders from the boss. And right now, my job is to tell you what I know about DOOM.

Did I interview the real DOOM for this article? Yes, by email. And yet, how would you, the reader, be able to tell? Maybe I don’t even know whether I did or not. Maybe I am DOOM. When it comes to encounters with masked men, you have to decide for yourself what’s real — and whether it matters.” – Dave Morris –

Touch Me Hear

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