November 23, 2009

Now let’s really think about this. This guy is a great rapper, but he did kinda soiled his image with the whole Dilla production thing on his last mixtape/album/wateva. Now after being on hiatus from music and the web for almost 6 months, the self proclaimed “Best Blogger Alive” is back with a new mixtape/album/wateva entitled the Normalcy Project. Can the internet or Hip Hop for that matter forgive him and accept him back? Let’s think about this for a minute. Aside from all the usual Hip Hop beef he had with rappers.  Dude got punched in the face on camera…. by a chick (not that it matters), dude said J. Dilla was an executive producer of his last big mixtape/album/wateva after being deceased for sometime, and dude was just recently dropped by his big label – Interscope. That’s a triple whammy in the blogoshpere let alone Hip Hop!! Now I will remain quiet until Hami gives us his offering tomorrow, but I am afraid it’s too little too late…… Guess we will see. Peep the 1st leak below.


Touch Me Hear


Jacked From: Nahright

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