Wale Hits Only 28K.

November 20, 2009


I don’t want to be the guy that says I told ya so, but….. ah’em. I told ya so!! Don’t get me wrong I like we some Wale, not whale like my dumb-ass colleague would say, but what’s the draw?? His Mixtape About Nothing was a great banger last summer, no doubt, but since then it’s been hard to get back into him. To me a lot of his flow sounds the same on his choice of tracks. Let me demonstrate. Blah, blah, blah, My name Wale. Sounds familiar huh?? Anyway, I feel with a different choice of beats and a little more dexterity in his flow, and he probably would have gone further. That and you shouldn’t have ever, ever, have made that track with that piece of trash Gaga. I do like his work ethic though, dude has been on tour for like 2 years non-stop, with everyone and Jay-Z. That grass roots approach is the way it is done. Besides you don’t need record sales as solidification of what your doing is good. Right??    Right?

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